Leela Zero Installation

    In this page we will be discussing how to install the lizzie client that runs leela-zero. Please make sure that you have Java 8 or higher installed before starting this tutorial.

    Windows Users

    You guys have the easiest job. Go to here, download the correct windows package, and unzip. Make sure you choose the package specifying CPU or GPU based on your needs. You can skip straight to the "Setting up Weights" section.

    Mac OSX Users

    Unfortunately, the boost library that leela-zero requires to run is not readily available, so the following process explains how to workaround that. Firstly, go to here and download the mac package. Unzip it, and drag the folder to your desktop. We will use that folder later.
    Download Lizzie
    Now, to install the boost libraries we need a tool called Homebrew. To check if you already have it, run "brew -v" in terminal (without quotes). If you see this,
    Homebrew Version
    you can skip the installation of Homebrew. Otherwise, go here and follow the instructions.
    Install Homebrew
    At this point you should have a working version of homebrew installed on your mac. We can now proceed with installing the boost libraries. Open up terminal and use the command "brew install boost".
    Install Boost
    This can take a few minutes, just be patient with homebrew. Now we are ready to compile Leela! Clone the git repository for Leela by running "git clone -b next https://github.com/gcp/leela-zero" in your terminal.
    Clone Leela
    Now, if you want to run Leela on a GPU, you can skip the following step. If you want to run Leela on a CPU, you need to go to your "leela-zero" folder that you just cloned from github (you can use the search function in finder for this). Once there, go into the "src" folder and double click on "config.h". You want to add a line on line 78 as shown:
    Specify CPU or GPU
    At this point you need to do a step that updates the libraries that Leela requires to compile. Go into your leela-zero folder on terminal and run "git submodule update --init --recursive" as shown below.
    Update Submodules
    Finally, you are ready to compile Leela into an executable. Start up a new terminal window and type the following commands:
    Compile Leela
    Ignore any warnings that appear. This may take a while, but once it is finished you must move the executable into the Lizzie folder that you put onto your desktop:
    Move Executable To Lizzie
    If you have completed all these steps, congratulations! You can move on to the setting up weights section.

    Setting up Weights

    Go here and scroll down to the network downloads.
    Download the latest network, but be careful not to unzip it! Click on "Show in Finder".

    Do Not Unzip

    Rename the weights to be "network.gz".

    Rename To Network

    Drag and drop this into your lizzie folder on the desktop. Click "Replace" to override the default dummy weights. Finally, double click "lizzie.jar" and run! The first time running may take quite some time for lizzie to process the network, so don't fret if it doesnt run immediately.