Young Lions Tournament


Started on a whim by deposed President Mallory 4-dan LS, the Young Lions' Tournament is a premier youth title tournament for the new generation of go players to earn their first titles. Youth players from the United States, Canada, and South America will earn the right to battle for glory. But this road is full of pitfalls and dangers. Who will emerge as the leader of the Pride? Check out the full coverage of the 2016 event to see who earns the right to be in the Pride.

Volunteers Needed!

This tournament cannot run without your help. We need people to help with officiating, reporting results, and getting donations so that the AGHS can continue to put on cool programming like this.

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We Would Like to Thank Our Sponsors

Thank you sponsors for your generous help:

  • American Go Honor Society
  • KGS Go Server

Did You Know That...?

  • Lions are active during and at night but they prefer hunting at night
  • A Lions lifespan is 15 years in the wild
  • The lion is the second biggest cat in the world

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Recent Ideas

"The Young Lions is the premier swiss tournament for the youth in the United States. Come check out who will be the best"

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