Go University

General Info

In an effort to raise money to help promote Go alongside the American Go Foundation, the American Go Honor Society is beginning its own teaching program to not only help us raise money for our events, but to help your Go as well!


We are offering game reviews on a weekly basis. Simply email a game that you want reviewed in an sgf to aghsregister@gmail.com and then make a donation to the AGHS via the paypal button on the AGHS home page. One of the teachers will email you back your game review as soon as we can they can.
We will try to arrange reviews from stronger players with the stronger teachers as best as possible.


The first game review will be only $8, and $10 for each one after that. Buy 5 at once for only $40! 100% of the proceeds will fund the AGHS and its activities!

Click here to see more information about the teachers!