Young Lions Tournament

ELIGIBILITY RULES (2016 edition)

All players must be 18 years of age or younger as of the beginning of the first round of the tournament. No persons already graduated from high school may enter.


4 Rounds on December 4th and 11th. The first round will begin at 12 pm EST, and the second round at 4 pm EST. The second day will follow the same schedule.

AGHS Tournaments Room on KGS.

19 x 19 board

45 minutes main time and 5 periods of 30 second Byo-yomi

AGA Rules

Komi: 7.5 points in an even game, 0.5 points during a handicap game


Touch move rules apply.

NO ONE other than a TD may speak to players during a game. Speaking to anyone else about any games in progress will result in a penalty.

In the event of any dispute, immediately ask a TD. If you think a TD has made an error, email A frivolous claim will result in a penalty.

Running out of time is a loss.

The game ends when both players agree to a result. The winner of the game will private message the result to a specified director of his or her division.
EX: [Name] won against [Opponent's Name] in the [Division] by [Result].


If a player is late to the game, the tournament official will deduct that amount of time from the start of that player's game clock.

a) Both players will start the game with the original time minus the late time. The late player will then add time for his or her opponent until the opponent’s time is 45 minutes.

If a player does not arrive within 30 minutes of the round start, he or she forfeits the game.


Ties for individual awards will be broken using SOS.

Players will be paired against others with the same score.


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