Please check out all of this great links and Go resources!

Tiger's Mouth - A great AGF kids and teens website where they can help you get better, compete in tournaments, start a club, meet friends, and join in on an awesome forum.

American Go Association - The American Go Association is the national organization for go players all over America. The AGA has clubs and tournaments all over America uniting go players. Check out their AGA e-journal and try to find a local chapter.

American Go Foundation - The American Go Foundation helps support many programs throughout the United States, especially with youth programs. The AGF provides free starter sets and discounted equipment for certified youth programs.

Sensei's Library - Senseis' is an "everything go" website. It contains pages written by go players from all over featuring basic information on go to strategies to get better. Tons of players that you may even know have homepages on Sensei's to help spread knowledge of go.

KGS - The Kiseido Go Server is an online, java based program that allows go players to play other on an international level. Players, from 30 kyu to 9 dan professional, get on KGS for games, reviews, lessons, and tournaments.

Go Sensations - A website with the latest news from various Go-playing servers!

Fanclub of Lee Changho 9 dan - A website that follows 9 dan Lee Changho and offers several links to other Go-related websites.

San-ren-sei Fuseki - A website dedicated to "Cosmic Go", there is a go test to see whether it is a good style for you, as well as games, books, and other interesting information about the style!